Our Services

Green LMI conducts rigorous research and offers strategic consulting to a wide range of clients.  Specifically, we focus on:

Labor Market Forecasting

    • Thanks to a strategic agreement with BW Research Partnership, Green LMI is able to offer a full suite of labor forecasting services. Depending on the scope of your project and your budget, Green LMI can offer data mining of existing secondary data from Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc., InfoUSA and other sources, along with information gathered directly from employers through executive interviews. For an example of a comprehensive labor market forecast, please see our report on Information and Communications Technologies in California


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Occupational Skills Assessment
Occupational skills assessment is critical for understanding complex and changing proficiencies in the workplace. Heavily relied upon by training providers and the public workforce system, occupational skills profiles help direct curriculum developers on the skills and abilities that are necessary for workers to find and maintain employment. For an example of an occupational skills assessment, please see our Green Career Profiles

Economic and Competitiveness Analysis
In addition to its workforce reports, Green LMI has a solid reputation for collecting and analyzing economic data. Green LMI gathers relevant industry sales revenue and employment information, and augments it with analysis of public and private investment flows. This information is used by Green LMI as a foundation for its economic analysis, which typically also includes executive interviews with investors and leaders from academia, industry, government, and non-profits.

Public Opinion Polling
Together with BW Research Partnership, Green LMI provides reliable public opinion polling for its clients. In addition to economic and workforce related polling, Green LMI and BW Research conduct political and market research surveys for a wide range of clients.

Strategic Consulting
Green LMI prides itself on providing actionable results for its clients. By actively listening to our clients and focusing on every detail, Green LMI is able to provide “big-picture” thinking that is so typically absent from traditional consulting services. For an example report highlighting Green LMI’s strategic consulting capabilities, please see our recent report for the San Diego and Imperial Community Colleges by clicking on CC-WIB Final Report.