Read All About It! Green LMI in Recent News

There is really no question that the greening of the nation’s power generation and use is creating jobs. However, accurate labor market data on green jobs has been hard to come by, for many reasons. First, traditional industry and occupational categories, developed by the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are slow to adapt to new trends. Second, a fair amount of the work generated by clean energy is conducted by workers who are primarily “something else.” For example, a majority of workers installing solar photovoltaic panels on roof tops are electricians. At the same time, there are a whole host of electricians who have never touched a solar panel in their lives.

A recent article in Energy Efficiency & Technology illustrates some of the practical implications of these limitations.

Despite these limitations, there are some people who know exactly how many “green” employees there are at any given location; the employers who hire them! A recent study conducted by Green LMI for The Solar Foundation provides an excellent example of just how much information you can find out from employers. As noted by Secretary Solis, “the industry’s growth would help protect the environment and keep the United States competitive in the global economy.” Click here to download the full report.